The Cost of Being the Church


Over the years, struggling with church finances I have said many times that it costs nothing to be the church.  While discipleship is costly, the cost a congregation of Followers of the Way assumes in building and property and pastors, educators, musicians, and administrators is optional.

It is almost impossible to imagine being the church without the place we call church.  And yet, in the Reforming Church, as a community committed to worship, calling, equipping, and encouraging one another in service there is no cost.

The Reforming Church finds itself returning to a scriptural model where a small community of Followers of the Way gathers to worship and encourage one another in service.  They are not pastor dependent, nor do they require a place to meet other than one another’s home.  They serve as pastor to one another and serve as evangelists and missionaries in the community where they live.

In the old model of being the church, managing property and staff and budget, and raising funds are in itself expensive; and the cost is not just financial, it also takes personal commitment and time and energy.  In the Reforming Church that energy is reserved for reaching out to and serving the community.


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