My name is R. Michael Winters.  I am an honorably retired minister in The Presbytery of Chicago, the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Retiring in 2010, I served 34 years in ordained service to congregations in Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Illinois.  After graduation from Florida Atlantic University and two years in the Army, in 1976 I earned a MDiv at Columbia Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA and in 1992 a DMin at McCormick Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL

Small congregations open to reformation have convinced me that they have a good deal of wisdom to share with the church of Jesus Christ.  This wisdom has given shape to the idea, maybe hope, that the reformation is not complete.

At this site, you will find a series of my essays imagining the reforming church.

Church doors will feature predominately in these blogs.  This image on this page is of the Thomas St. entrance to Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Oak Park, IL,  It is used by permission of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.